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Broken Open, novel, robin reinach author
Broken Open, Barnes and Noble
Broken Open, Barnes and Noble
Broken Open characters, broken open novel, robin reinach author

When Lara Leeds,  a 20-something assistant at Thane PR, is approached by her boss's captivating wife, an unlikely friendship develops.  Andrea Thane leads Lara through New York City on a sophisticated adventure that titilates and seduces readers of both genders.  Composed of emails and letters, Broken Open offers mulitple perspecitves on the sexcapades of these women and the men who love them.  Plot twists and turns keep the reader guessing while the heat rises for a fun and sexy read.


"Broken Open is a brave and romantic portrayal of a lifestyle many of us have fantasized about but few have the courage to explore."    

          David Rhodes, playwright


"I thought I'd read a chapter.  That chapter turned into reading the entire book in one sitting!  I couldn't put it down.... So well written and captivating.  Truly amazing, it's going on my list of Holiday Gifts."

          Cindy Scholtz, real estate broker


"Broken Open seductively invites us to consider the dilemmas we face in our sexual lives. How the things we yearn for are also the things we fear; how we long for excitement as well as security. This challenge is brought to life by Reinach's characters in a dance many of us know and many more wish we could experience."

          Dr. Joseph Ganz, PhD, LMHC


"While reading, I was caught up with the intoxicating imagery, but now the poignancy looms large. . . "humility, not humiliation" so spiritual and true . . . the weaving of heart, sex, love, aliveness, death, and the surprise in store. A tapestry woven with insight, humanity, sensuality, humility, courage, creativity and even, to a smaller degree, enchantment.  The reader is left wanting more. "

          Laura Colangelo


My Father Myself is an adult daughter's tender and humourous memorial to a father she will always hold dear. Jerome M. Cohen is a former New York City real estate tycoon and innovator.  He received the Distinguished Citizen Award from the 23rd Street Association in 2005.  My Father Myself takes the perspective of a daughter who cherishes her Dad and sees him ways most of the world can't.  Through whimsical anecdotes, facts and photos, the author shows readers her powerful father through her own loving eyes. 


"Ferociously intelligent and outspoken is the way I remember Jerry Cohen as a young girl growing up with Robin.  He could be a scary father, but also fun and challenging.  The best of him lives on in Robin, my best friend."

          Marguerite Elisofon, author, blogger, mother of twins



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